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We're excited for your family to participate in Guys & Dolls. As rehearsals begin, you may find the following links and information helpful. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, or need additional information. We are here to help and want this to be a positive and rewarding experience for all!



FRIDAY, 11/22, 8 AM call for  9 AM-1:30 PM Program

Mandatory final dress-rehearsal and grant-funded free performance for school groups

FRIDAY, 11/22, 4:00 PM call for 7:00-9:30 PM Performance

Opening night Public Performance

Saturday, 11/23, 5:00 PM call for 7:00-9:30 PM Performance

(ambassador call at 4pm)

Behind-the-scenes field trip followed by a Public Performance

Sunday, 11/24, 12:00 PM call for 2:00-4:30 PM Performance

(All cast & crew to help with strike @ 6:00 PM followed by cast party)

Closing  Matinee Performance



Rehearsal Schedule Master:  (Click left to view or download.) All actors are welcome at EVERY rehearsal. However, since we want to respect your time for school, family, and additional activities, we have created a schedule by scenes that we will run each rehearsal. We strongly encourage actors to read their script to see what scenes they are in, so they will understand the schedule. Some actors play multiple roles, so Mrs. Felicia will try her best to post what actors are needed at each rehearsal.  If you feel that you should be listed for a rehearsal but don't see your name, please email Mrs. Felicia with this concern, and we will figure it out right away. Actors should plan on bringing a water bottle, script, and homework to every rehearsal.


Rehearsal Track Instructions: (Click left to view or download.) Please follow these instructions for accessing rehearsal tracks. Due to copyright laws, BackStory Theatre cannot distribute the vocal tracks for Guys & Dolls, so it is imperative that cast members pay close attention during rehearsals in order to learn the melodies (especially for those who are not accustomed to reading music). Please note, the rehearsal tracks (sans vocals) work best through the suggested Apple or Android apps rather than via computer.



Cast List: Check back soon for contact information.

Payments:  Please click here to link to our registration site for online payment via credit card.  Families can make one payment now or pay in two installments (8/26 and 9/25). Please opt for online payment wherever possible! This saves time for staff (helping to keep costs affordable & focus on students) and helps prevent human error! For all cash or check payments, please provide a completed Payment Form.  No credit card payments will be accepted in person for the fees below.

  • $225 - REQUIRED Registration/Instructional Fee Balance (due 8/26)

  • $15 - Optional Cast Shirt purchase (due 8/26)

  • $25 - Optional Libretto/script purchase (due 8/26)

  • $10 - Optional Cast Shout-Out purchase (due 8/26) Congratulations for your actor to be published in the show program. Sign up by submitting fee and send text to

  • $75 - Optional Volunteer Opt Out payment (due 11/4).  We hope to have your family volunteer for this year's production! If you are unable to sign up for volunteer shifts, please make your tax deductible direct donation of $75 online through our CO Gives donation site prior to 11/4. Under the Special Instruction section, please enter "G & D Volunteer Opt Out" and your students name. If you would like, you can select to  be "anonymous in publications" but please DO NOT select "completely anonymous" since we receive no name/contact information for these donations.  Donations will help offset the cost of staff for those volunteer positions which go unfilled.

Production Support: Have a special passion for theatre? Looking for other ways to become involved? BackStory is looking for a few excellent volunteers to take on key production roles this year. The following open positions require a higher time commitment and dependability and will be rewarded with a significant reduction in a student's participation fee for this production!! Casting decisions are not influenced by interest in these positions. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for any of the following:

  • Fundraising Chair (or co-chair)

  • Backstage Monitor & Rehearsal Supervision

  • Costume Assistant Lead


Volunteer Shifts: (Click link to sign up.)  In order to keep costs as affordable as possible for families and to cover the numerous jobs critical to the success of the show, we are offering a volunteer option again this year.  We hope you'll find something in this list that suits your availability, skills, and interest. At a minimum, for each cast member in the show, we hope your family will sign up for one crew position (see below for crew details). Of course, your family is welcome to sign up for more if you like! All crews work under the direction of a crew head. Please see above if you are interested in serving as a crew lead or assistant lead!


Front of House - Minimum of 3 shifts to usher, work box office, serve concessions, or provide treats.  

Set Crew - Minimum of 2 scheduled work dates to build and/or paint set materials AND assist with load in or strike. 

Fundraising Crew - Minimum of 3 advertisements or sponsorships sold to local area businesses for show program.

Costume Crew - Minimum of 1 shift during performances to assist backstage with costume needs AND help in pre-production  with organizing and amending existing costumes (minimal to no sewing required).

If you are unable to sign up for tasks or a crew/committee, please make your tax deductible direct donation of $75 online through CO Gives or make checks payable to BackStory Theatre and submit to Mrs. Felicia during rehearsal (along with the Payment Form) OR via US post to 555 Burbank St, Unit Q, Broomfield, CO 80020 prior to 10/4. Please enter "G & D Volunteer Opt Out" and your students name. in the special instructions section online or on the memo line of your check. This donation will help offset the cost of staff for those volunteer positions which go unfilled.


Please note that all shows for last year's Fall Musical sold out a week before the show opened.  We expect a similar situation this year.  Please don't wait to the last minute to order your tickets.  Once all tickets are sold, we have no ability to add additional seats.


Comp Tickets: Each actor receives 2 complimentary tickets which can be reserved for any show.  All tickets (including comp tickets) will be with ASSIGNED SEATING, so comp tickets should be reserved at the same time as other tickets if your party wants to sit together during the show.  To reserve comp tickets with online ticket purchases, use the cast member's first and last name with no spaces and no hyphens -- (ex -- franksinatra).  See additional information below for cast member ticketing options. 

Ticket Prices: Through 11/4, pre-purchase ticket prices are $16 Adults, $10 Seniors 60+/Children 17 & under. During this time, cast members can access Premier Seating options in the first 3 rows (on a first-come-first-served basis) using your cast member's access code (cast member's first and last name with no spaces and no hyphens).  You can use this code to purchase tickets for your whole order (including family/friends) but please do not share your code. Following 11/4, ticket prices will increase to $20 Adults, $13 Seniors 60+/Children 17 & under and Premier Seats not yet purchased will be released for public purchase. Please note that ticket processing fees will be added to all credit card orders.

Show Tickets: All tickets (including 2 comp tickets per cast member) will be with ASSIGNED SEATING. Tickets can be printed at home or shown electronically at the performance.  Cast members have 3 options for purchasing tickets:

  1. Select seats and pay with credit card online at any time, using provided code for comp tickets and Premier Seating options (see above). Please note that ticket processing fees will be added to all credit card orders.

  2. Order tickets through Michelle Hoffman at the parent meeting on 8/26/19 using credit, check, or cash.

  3. Following the 8/26/19 parent meeting, if you are having trouble using the online system or want to pay by cash or check, please email Michelle Hoffman at


Online Ticketing Instructions: Click here for instructions on entering your online ticket order and how to use your access code for Comp Tickets and to select Premier Seating options at each show.

Show Flyer: Coming Soon! Help BackStory sell tickets to this show by sharing this flyer with your family, friends, school, business, or in other community places.  Be sure to ask before posting in any public space such as a school or business!

Broomfield Days Show Promotion: More information and sign up coming soon!


King Soopers Ticket Sales: More information and sign up coming soon!



Did you know that BackStory Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and that we count on grants, sponsorships, and individual donations to subsidize our programs and support free theatre classes and performances in our community? As part of our community outreach each year, we offer a free field trip performance of our fall musical to local students. Thank you for helping to make that possible! 

In addition, cast families can help by promoting BackStory Theatre to friends, family members, and local businesses who may be interested in making a donation.  Any amount helps! Prizes will be awarded at the cast party for the actor with the most dollars donated in his/her name and for the most individual donations. For prizes, please note that we are only able to count donations made before 11/18/19, and the cast member's name must be listed with the donation.

Online Fundraising Page: NEW THIS YEAR! Share this link in email or on your social media.

Letter Writing Campaign: Help us promote the show, support your actor's hard work, and raise money for BackStory through a letter writing campaign to friends and family. Your student can download a copy of the letter and mail it at any time.

Advertising & Sponsorship Information: If you or someone you know might be interested in supporting BackStory Theatre's mission to provide affordable and broadly accessible performing arts education and performance opportunities in our community through a sponsorship or program advertisement, please contact Michelle Hoffman. This is not only an amazing gift to BackStory Theatre but is a great way to promote your business to BackStory's patrons. Please click here for the Sponsorship/Ad Information and BackStory Theatre Program Summary.



Cast Photo Sharing Site: This is a Shutterfly share site that is only open to members of the site.  We have sent a member request

to the email used when registering your student for the audition.  If you have a Shutterfly account under another email, would like to use another email address to link to this site, or if your student would also like access, please contact Michelle Hoffman.

Cast Party: More information coming soon!  Please contact Mary Wilkie at if you are interested in hosting the cast party.

School Absence: Download this letter for your student's school regarding absence on Friday 11/22/2019 for the morning dress rehearsal/performance.  Please note that this performance is part of BackStory's grant-funded community outreach and is a free field trip for area students.  It is mandatory for all actors.

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